The Wagner Project



The Wagner Project is a investigation site into the world of the mercenaries used by the Russian Federation to murder civilians in Ukraine and Syria and conquer Africa.

A purpose of this site will be to develop the sources and sort materials for easy access to citizens, journalists and policy makers and then present the material in clear terms with topical information videos and infographics. All material will be clearly sources.

Items that are samples of disinformation will be clearly sourced and marked as such.

There are many journalists, researchers and organizations who have already been working on Wagner PMC. We will seek to boost their work on and where possible host discussions with them to expand the understanding of this front organization for the Russian Federation.


1. Gather all available information on the Wagner PMC organization from news sources, NGO and government reports and actively monitor and archive the propaganda of Wagner itself.

2. Work with various open source intelligence and other topical experts including but not limited to PMCs, Russia and regional military, regional conflicts, disinformation campaigns, natural resource extraction, international law, and human rights violations and more.

3. Update all known sanctions against the organization, its leaders, members, employees and front companies.

4. Demonstrate the destruction of Ukraine, Syria and African nations in the pursuit of the Moscow Regime’s objectives.

5. Host regular discussions with experts and journalists covering the conflict including presenting latest updates and highlighting regional news developments.


For year I have collected data related to ISIS, Syria, Ukraine, disinformation that was in tangent to the efforts of Russia to destablize these regions and undermind democracy. However, they were essentially internal reports or write ups that were later distilled into books or other works.

The time has come for me to fill in a comprehensive site for other researchers, writers and content creators to demonstrate the use of Wagner PMC to effectuate the efforts of the Moscow Regime to destroy the stability of rivals through its proxy army.

Additionally, I have always been thankful to the work of various organizations and news outlets who consistently tracked the operations of both Wagner PMC and Yevgeny Prigozhin. It is my objective to highlight their work and bring it into a format that is easily accessible.

This group effort can benefit journalists, activists, NGOs, policy makers alike. Accountability and clarity of history go hand in hand.

It will take me a while to infuse the data I have collected mixed with referencing current discoveries across these regions.

Looking forward,

Chris Sampson